Stockdale Goes Green

We have chosen to be part of the GREEN solution. In 2006, we voluntarily reduced our plastic packaging and moved towards recyclable parts. We redesigned our hitch packaging in 2007 from a large plastic clamshell to a cardboard hanger. This has kept approximately 150,000 clamshells from going into our landfills.

Hitch Package ExamplesFor years we shrink wrapped all of our plates. In 2007 we packaged them inside a “Clear-View” bag which greatly reduces our electricity consumption.

In 2008 we started recycling our acrylic “drops” when we make our license plates. We have recycled approximately 250,000 lbs. of acrylic to date.

By 2010, we had 12 lasers running at least 2 shifts per day and three during season. All lasers have been converted to an alternate method to run them more efficiently, greatly reducing the use and waste, as well as eliminated over 560,000 keychain package clamshells over the past 9 years.

We are proud to be a certified member of the Fair Labor Association (FLA).

In 2012, we added paper and party products that are USA made and 70 - 100% recycled material.

We hope these standards that we have for our company will be adopted by others so we may all help make the world a cleaner and greener place.

-Stockdale Team

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