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Stockdale Technologies Inc.

We at Stockdale Technologies Inc. are committed to be a top-performing company for our customers, shareholders, and employees. It is our objective to sustain top performance over the long term. Since our founding in 1983 we have looked to achieve that objective, we believe that our company must operate on a foundation of strong values that include:

Stockdale Values

  • A steadfast commitment to ethics, integrity, and compliance
  • Effective corporate governance and leadership
  • A diverse and highly engaged workforce operating in a safe and inclusive environment
  • Dedication to quality and customer satisfaction
  • Effective partnership with suppliers and other business partners
  • Conducting our operations in an environmentally sustainable manner

Our commitment at Stockdale Technologies Inc. over our 36 years in business to ethical behavior remains steadfast. Our ethics program goes beyond compliance with laws and regulations, focusing on instilling and communication our company values to management and employees to promote the highest ethical standards in all that we do. Our company leadership’s role is vital.

Strive For Transparency

Each year we examine our governance to ensure we are updating policies where we see greater transparency is desirable. While we have always operated our company in a manner respectful of human rights, in 2009 we formalized our commitment by adopting human rights policy that requires treating employees, suppliers, customers, and competitors with dignity and respect.

Sustaining our performance at high levels is not possible without a diverse workplace that embraces inclusion.

We greatly value our suppliers for their significant contributions to our success as well.

Employees and Work Environment

Employee safety and environmental sustainability are vital to our performance and we are committed to improving our performance in these areas. Maintaining employee safety is paramount to our mission and operations, and it continues to be part of our incentive performance metrics.

As the CSR details, Stockdale Technologies, Inc. strives to make significant positive impacts in the communities where we live and work while sustaining our operational performance and delivering high-quality, innovative, and affordable solutions to our customers.

Just as notable, the report identifies our opportunities for improvement, which we intend to address proactively. As a team dedicated to top performance, we’re always focused on improving. Thank you for your interest in our company and our commitment to corporate responsibility.

Message from our General Manager/COO

At Stockdale, diversity and inclusion defines our business and our people. Our employees are diverse in their cultures, backgrounds, skills and experiences. It is this diversity and how we leverage it that makes us great. With an inclusive environment where diversity can flourish, creativity and innovation are fostered, enabling us to create some of the most unique product in our field.

We are committed to establishing a gold standard work environment, where all employees feel welcomed, challenged and rewarded for their contributions to the organization’s success. Only when we are successful in that pursuit can we meet our goals to achieve superior financial performance, and delight our customers.

Penny Morford
General Manager/COO

Message from our Licensing/CSR Coordinator

Throughout the years our commitment and appreciation of our diversity has continued to grow and now is one of our CEOs top goals for Stockdale. We know that our diversity is a strength that provides us a competitive advantage.

We are committed to maintaining, sustaining and leveraging the diversity that each employee brings to Stockdale. We are also devoted to ensuring we have an inclusive workplace where everyone has a voice, and his or her ideas are taken into consideration.

Licensing/CSR Coordinator

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